I filmed Sacred over the course of 5 days of experiencing Complex Partial Seizures, the seizures are not outwardly visible like Grand Mal seizures. I have no memory of filming any of it. The whole Partial Complex experience is internal, parts of your brain are mis-firing. Its exhausting and relentless. The fact that I don't remember making the film is frightening. I don't recognize myself but does that mean It's not me ? What part of me is "me", the part I remember or the part I forget ...

​For this film I made a commitment with 3 other artists that for one year we would daily produce a self image using any medium and to email the images to each other. It was playful, fun and a wonderful way to connect with friends that I had known since art school.I collated my images into a film that documents a year in my life with surprising results.
I have dealt with epilepsy all my adult life. One of the most frightening elements being the seemingly randomness of seizure activity.. Always catching me unawares was both dispiriting and disrupting. However, after one week of extremely intense seizure activity, I looked back at the images from the two preceding weeks. My brain unconsciously knew a seizure was coming, my images had become increasingly darker, with more brevity and darker tone. 
The project revealed hidden truths by externalizing the internal.

angela stimson

In Ancient Greece, Epilepsy was called the Sacred disease. It was assumed that people who were afflicted were in communication with the gods and had Delphic oracular properties.