She's frightened of the strangest things

Strangely coquettish

Teardrop on the Fire

​The Truth is rarely pure and never simple

Art is whatever you can get away with

My Brain Collapsed Again

Blue Valentine

Sally Cinnamon

Feeling like I live in another World

Can you see me

Coffee Morning

Sherlock sulking


My Currant Mood

Be Fucking Nice

​Is there Honey Still for Tea 




Time out of Joint

LA in yearly peril

Remembering all the sordid details​

Resting Bitch Face

​Are you having strange existential thoughts ?

Searching for Normal

Wolf Alice

A Disorder of Constant Interruption

As Spiteful as Broken Glass

​Sherlock lurks

Dangerous Fun in Norfolk

Stilettos and Broken Bottles

Every Fairytale...

The Gutter and the Stars

​I can't adult anymore

The Company of Wolves

Listening to Tom Waits

We are so fucked

The Thistle in a Kiss

Eat your lipstick