As someone who experiences both Complex Partial seizures and Grand Mal seizures I know I see the world differently from other people.

My current work shows that epilepsy is a disorder of constant interruption.
I document the journey of simply trying to get from a beginning of a sentence to the end.

 I start speaking, suddenly time is out of joint. Time slips away for a microsecond. Entropy being the only proof that time has passed. Seconds of terrifying Deja vu and jamais vu. Has this happened before? Things that should be normal suddenly look strange and unfamiliar are they real or unreal? Tell me I’m really here. Panicked existential thoughts, where does time come from? the left or the right? Are we in time? feelings of melting into the spiderweb of time.

Over in a couple of seconds. No-one has noticed. I finish my sentence.

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Alchemy Unveiled collection feature in the NETFLIX show:

Dear White People

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